Flavor of the Month: Strawberry Lemonade

Teacher Power Testimonials

  • Sonya M.

    This tastes great...just like my favorite black cherry koolaid without all of the sugar and a caffeine kick!

  • Msrevah

    Fast shipping, great flavor, and just enough energy! I will be buying more!!

  • V Lorraine Martinez

    I really enjoy the Teacher Power Energy Drinks. So much so that I have completely eliminated soda from my diet. I like the flavors, I like the energy I get from it, and I especially like that there is no crash when it wears off. My favorite flavor is definitely the strawberry lemonade, but I use all the available flavors. I look forward when more flavors are developed.

  • Laurel F.

    I love the taste and it gives me energy to teach without feeling shaky.

  • Jamie Fineberg

    It was the best sample I ever had! I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

  • Kenton Stephens

    This is a great alternative for energy drinks in cans that have many ingredients that I feel are unnecessary. Caffeine and B vitamins make a great morning mix and it tastes great. Black cherry and raspberry are both delicious.

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