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Teacher Power

The Original Fruit Punch

The Original Fruit Punch

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Tasting Teacher Power’s fruit punch drink mix brings back memories of lazy days, chugging canned punch with friends in the video arcade or behind the convenience store. But it tastes fruitier than canned drinks, is extremely low-carb, and carries an energizing kick. 

Bring back that carefree feeling with Teacher Power’s energy drink mix in your cup. With 100 mg of caffeine per scoop, it is a wonderful morning coffee alternative. Its simple ingredients are a healthy alternative to popular energy drinks. And since it is sugar-free with zero calories, it’s a perfect replacement for those sugar-filled caffeinated sodas. 

And the best part for a tired teacher on a budget is our energy drinks are cheap, costing less than 40 cents per serving. So, drop that $5.00 coffee run in the morning or that $2.00 chemical-filled canned energy drink. Power up and save money and time with Teacher Power in your drawer. 

When you purchase Teacher Power fruit punch energy drink mix, you get:  

  • 70 full scoops per tub (or 140 half scoops),   
  • 100 mg of caffeine per full scoop (50 mg per half scoop),  
  • Delicious sugar-free taste, 
  • Zero Calories, 
  • Keto-friendly pleasure,  
  • All vegetarian ingredients,  
  • Tangy fruit flavor, and  
  • Cheerful packaging that smiles back at you.   

The taste of fruit punch reminds you, you were a student once. It is okay. The power of Teacher Power has you ready to handle whatever those students throw at you today. 

And remember Teacher Power energy drinks make the perfect teacher appreciation gift. Thank you, teachers! 

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