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Teacher Power

The Original Black Cherry

The Original Black Cherry

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With its bright, fruity taste, Teacher Power’s Original Black Cherry drink mix’s nostalgia takes you back in time when you sipped on sweet drinks while swinging on Grandma’s back porch. Breath in. Breath out. Life is good with this Teacher Power energizing drink mixed in your favorite cup.  

Are you a tired teacher? Are you looking for a cheap energy drink alternative to coffee? Or better yet, a healthy energy-boosting alternative to sugar-loaded sodas?  

So was a pre-school teacher named Ms. Cassidy. She was tired of the jitters and let down from running on coffee and caffeinated sodas. Ms. Cassidy’s loving husband whipped up an energy drink with 100 mg of caffeine and extra B Vitamins with her favorite flavor (black-cherry). And Teacher Power was born.  

Teacher Power is here to save your teaching day, too! And it makes a perfect teacher appreciation gift for that special teacher making a difference in your child’s life.  

  • 70 full scoops per tub (or 140 half scoops)   
  • 100 mg of caffeine per full scoop (50 mg per half scoop)  
  • Sugar-free  
  • Zero calories  
  • Low-carb/keto-friendly  
  • Vegetarian  
  • Bright, fruity black cherry taste   
  • Cheerful packaging that smiles back at you    


Breathe in when scooping out a serving of Teacher Power Original Black Cherry Energy Drink Mix. Then close your eyes when you take your first sip. You are going to make a difference in a child’s life today. You got this with Teacher Power in your cup! 

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