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Teacher Power

The Original Teacher Power Sampler Pack

The Original Teacher Power Sampler Pack

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Teacher Power Energy Drinks are lip-smacking delicious! And sugar-free. You might be tempted to buy each and every one of Teacher Power Energy Drinks.

But no one wants to get stuck with a $25 tub that they don’t find quite so tasty. We’ve packaged the perfect solution. Try all of our wonderful fruity flavors with a single serving sample set. Then decide which flavor rings your taste buds.

Which will it be? Bright and fruity Black Cherry? Tangy but fruity Fruit Punch? Or Sweet and sour Strawberry Lemonade?

Each flavor is individually packed in a single serving stick pack

  • One sample of each of our three fun flavors: Black Cherry, Fruit Punch, and Strawberry Lemonade
  • A total of six servings
  • Caffeine Content per full-single serving:
    • Black Cherry, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Lemonade – 100 mg

Teachers love free stuff. And we so wanted to provide you a free sample of our tasty energy drinks. But our boss said, “No.” 🙁

To keep sample costs as low as possible, we cut our normal packaging cuteness. (No smiley faces: Just the facts.) But rest assured every sample contains The Original Teacher Power energizing ingredients and flavor. That smiley fruit will be back on your next ordered tub of Teacher Power Energy Drink.

Keep on Smiling! You’ve got this! Teacher Power Unite!

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