Printable May the 4th Be with You Activity

Printable May the 4th Be with You Activity 

As teachers, we are always seeking new ways to engage and inspire students. Sometimes, the best way to do this is to rely on existing student interests.  

The original Star Wars Trilogy is a timeless classic. Children and adults alike will watch it for years to come and love it.  

Rebel Star Wars

Why not take the opportunity to try a fun classroom activity on May the 4th that is sure to enthrall your students.  

With our free Star Wars printable masks, an educational celebration. 

So, how do you relate Star Wars to what your students are learning? There are a billion different ways. Here are a few ideas to get your gears whirling. 

                     1. Science 

Star Wars is a science fiction movie after all. Use parts from the film to talk about how science works and even how it doesn’t.  


For example, as fun as the explosions in space are in the movies, there’s one problem with them in most Star Wars films: SOUND. Space is a vacuum. Sound waves must have a medium to travel in. Without the medium, even if the death star exploded next to your ship, you wouldn’t hear it. 

You can talk about light speed, how rockets and planes work, and so much more. The films are just buzzing with science ideas to explore!

                       2. Math 

Science and math go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you can find a science connection, you will find a math one, too. Develop worksheets and activities that apply math to Star Wars. If you teach younger students, help them count the number of Ewoks. If you teach older students, guide them to calculate the velocity of Luke’s fighter jet! 

     3. Literature and Creativity  

George Lucas’s world-building and imagination are incredible.  

He uses classic literary devices such as archetypes to capture his audience. Star Wars is a great English lesson in the making! Talk to your students about the story elements and dive into the themes. Get your students to use what they’ve learned to write their own stories. 

     4. Empathy and Compassion 

In a society that loves to cast judgment, our students need to learn empathy and compassion more than ever. Star Wars is a great place to learn about both. 

Leia’s patience and compassion towards the Ewoks are unparalleled. She shares her food and allows the curious Ewok to try on her helmet. Her kindness would ultimately lead the rebels and the Ewoks to save the day.  

Likewise, Luke’s empathy for his father helps him fight the dark side and return to the light. Teach your students the value of tenderheartedness and how to use it to foster healthy relationships.  

There are so many different Star Wars activities for students. Find something that works best for your subject and students. Don’t be afraid to add a little craftivity to your lessons! 



Star Wars Masks 

1. Leia Mask

2. R2D2 Mask 

3. Yoda Mask 

4. Vader Mask 


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By: Emeline Haroldsen 


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