Last Minute Teacher Gifts

Last Minute Teacher Gifts

Last Minute Teacher Gifts

No!!! You forgot, again! Tomorrow is the last day to show your child’s teacher the appreciation they deserve. How do these deadlines keep sneaking up on you? 

It might be the last day before the holiday break or the end of the school year. But once again, you find yourself scrambling for a last-minute gift to appropriately thank a teacher. 

Teacher Power is here to swoop in and save the day. We love teachers, too. We are so grateful for teachers, their dedication, and their impact on growing young minds. The world is a better place, thanks to teachers that care. 

Don’t worry. You still have time to show your appreciation for that special teacher in your child’s life. No sweat. A Teacher Power gift card is quick and easy. 

Or, if you are looking to spoil several teachers, check out our DIY teacher gifts. Mugs. Teacher Power Energy Drink samples. Free printable gift tags. Smiling lemon headpins. Or my favorite, “Teaching is a Work of Heart” T-shirt. Teacher Power has your teacher appreciation gifts covered. 


Teacher Power eGift Cards 

Our egift cards come in a variety of graphic options for the perfect touch. A fall- themed card. A holiday card. A general basic thank you card. And even a happy birthday card. (Psst. Teachers love to be spoiled on their birthday!) 

To get that last-minute present: purchase an egift card on Teacher Power’s website, pick out one of these printable cards, hit print, add the egift card code number and amount. And wah-la...check off teacher gift from your to-do list. 


Your child’s teacher is going to be so pleased. What could be better than letting that special teacher pick out their own gift? Hmmm. will be discovering a tasty, healthy energy drink to power their busy days. 


Teacher Power Gift Card Designs 

Use our general-purpose thank you gift card anytime. 



Our fall-themed gift card is warm and fuzzy and perfect for snuggling up to a warm cup of Teacher Power Wassil or Caramel Apple Immunity-Boost Energy Drink. 



Holidays are the best. Add ornamental fun to your teacher’s holidays with our Holiday-themed printable gift card. 



Searching for just the right birthday present? Use our Happy Birthday-themed card to celebrate someone special’s birthday. (Teachers love birthday presents, too.) 



Teacher Power Powers Teachers 

Teacher Power powers teachers. Teachers empower students to build a better world. A portion of each Teacher Power product purchase goes to purchasing classroom supplies. Thank you for supporting teachers. 

Check out Teacher Power’s blog for more information about our products, book reviews, classroom management, and relaxation and self-help tips. Go, teachers! 

 By:Jae O. Haroldsen 

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