Do-It-Yourself Teacher Appreciation Gift Under $15

Do-It-Yourself Teacher Appreciation Gift Under $15

 We’ve all been there: your child has a great teacher who makes every day a little bit brighter. They are a great role model for your child. You want to show them your appreciation, but just don’t know the best way.  


You might be thinking about making cookies or banana bread, but you don’t know what kind of foods the teacher likes. Besides, baking can be a tough science to master. There’s always the chance that one small mistake, like mixing up baking powder and baking soda, can result in an inedible mess. Leaving you frustrated, disappointed, and still without a gift for your child’s teacher. 

You may consider getting a gift card, but that feels impersonal. You want to show your child’s teacher that you recognize and appreciate their hard work, but you worry you’re out of options.  

Don’t fret!  


Teacher Power’s cute and easy gift set is the solution you’ve been searching for.  


Our mug and drink set is one of the best teacher gifts you’ll find. Not only is it affordable at under $15, but it’s also incredibly thoughtful and practical. 

The DIY kit includes our cute Teacher Power mug as well as our ever-popular Teacher Power Sampler Pack. To put it all together, simply place the sample pack inside the mug and finish it off with one of our free printable gift tags. 


If you like, you can also include one of our comfy “Teaching is a Work of Heart” t-shirts or our cute Lemonhead pin. 



Still not sure this is the perfect gift idea to give your child’s teacher this back-to-school season? Click here for more ideas. 



Teacher Power Powers Teachers 


Teacher Power is dedicated to supporting hardworking and compassionate teachers by providing them with a healthy and delicious alternative to coffee and soft drinks. This fall, Teacher Power has gone the extra mile with two new immunity-boosting flavors perfect for the back-to-school season: Caramel Apple and WassailClick here to learn more about the original Teacher Power energy drink. 



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By:  Meg Bywater 

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