Back-to-School Printable Gift Tags for Teacher Appreciation

Back-to-School Printable Gift Tags for Teacher Appreciation

What a year and a half! 2020 and 2021 have tried my nerves. But my kids are back in person at school! Hooray!! 

While purchasing and backing up school supplies, don’t forget to acknowledge and show appreciation for your child’s hard-working teachers. They have had to navigate online presentations, distance learning and motivation, and their own children while they teach. 

Teachers are outstanding! They nurture, inspire, and motivate our children to learn, grow, and be the best they can be. Show your child’s teacher your appreciation by giving them a simple back-to-school gift. 

Teacher Power has several simple gift ideas and options to explore. You can make your child’s teacher’s day without much effort at all. Teacher gifts can run the gambit from a gift card to school supplies to a sample pack of Teacher Power Energy Drink. 

Given how difficult teaching has been during the pandemic, a little pick me up will go a long way in helping teachers feel valued and appreciated for their many sacrifices. And what better way to offer them a little pick me up than with a delicious, sugar-free energy drink from Teacher Power. 

If you really want to help teachers get in the fall and holiday spirit, gift them one of our new immunity-boosting energy drinks in Wassil or Caramel Apple flavors. The pandemic isn’t over. Your child’s teacher will be grateful you are concerned about their health. These products are a perfect substitute for coffee since they are delicious, served hot or cold. 


Free-Printable Gift Tags 

However, you choose to show your child’s teacher your appreciation for all their hard work, do it with one of Teacher Power’s free downloadable gift tags. We have free printable thank you tags and C is for Caffeine gift tags.

Download a new gift tag here. 


Teacher Power Energy Drinks 

Here at Teacher Power, we know teaching is a work of heart. We seek to power teachers with simple, healthy energy drinks. Besides 100 mg of caffeine, our drinks are sugar-free and filled with B-vitamins to support metabolism.  

In addition to our energy products, our new immunity boost products contain an A+ energy blend of vitamin D, vitamin A, zinc, elderberry, echinacea, ginger powder, and curcumin to naturally support the immune system. May all teachers have a healthy and prosperous fall and winter. 

 By: Jae O. Haroldsen 

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