Printable Thank You Tags

Printable Thank You Tags

Printable Thank You Tags for Teachers & Students 

This week we wanted to bring you a free printable that both teachers and students can use. Everyone needs a quick way to say Thank You! Our Thank you printables are the perfect solution for your hectic life. 



These cute, colorful "Thank You" tags work for any gift(s) you want to give throughout the year. Their simple design makes them appropriate for any holiday or end-of-the-school-year-gifts you want to give. Whether you're giving a gift to your teachers, your students, your peers, or your coworkers, the gracious simplicity of these tags meets every circumstance. 

They also work for a quick and easy written thank you for gifts received. My children delighted in taking in a gift for the teacher. And they felt appreciated and inspired by the prompt thank you note they received for every little flower, ornament, or cookie they took into their teacher. 

Students love getting a thank you note from their teacher. Having these notes in your desk makes impromptu notes a cinch. The opportunity to inspire a student takes just a moment with a handwritten note written on the back of these tags. 


We’ve Included two thank you tag sizes in this free download to meet your every need. 

  • 1st Page: 9 small size tags 
  • 2nd Page: 4 medium size tags 



    Download Here

    We hope you enjoy this free printable. We value you. Thank you for inspiring our future. 


    Printables by Miss Jenna 


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