Wassail Immunity Boost Energy Drink

Wassail Immunity Boost Energy Drink

Wassail Immunity Boost Energy Drink

You sit at your desk, wearing your favorite knitted sweater. Maybe you have a blanket draped over your legs to keep out the morning chill air. You top off the ensemble with a classic red Santa hat to celebrate the last day of school before winter break.  

You look around your classroom, which, like you, is outfitted in festive holiday attire. There are boughs of holly draped over the cupboards and paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. A bowl of candy canes sits on a table near the door.  

Classroom at Christmas

As you soak in the last moment of peace before your students arrive, their shoes wet and their cheeks red with cold, your mind is filled with visions of the week to come. Pine trees, presents, and peppermints. Carolers and sugar plum fairies. 

What’s that in your hand? It’s a mug filled with a warm, enticing smell of cinnamon and apple cider. The heat from the liquid warms your palms as you raise the mug to your lips and take a sip.  

Instantly, your mouth is flooded with the sweet and spicy warmth of Teacher Power’s Immunity Boost Wassail. You feel the energy surge through you. And you know that it’s going to be a great day. 

What is Wassail? 

Wassail is a holiday drink rooted in the pagan Twelfth Night traditions of pre-Christian Britain. To mark the coming new year and appeal to the gods for a plentiful apple harvest, Anglo-Saxons gathered in their local Lord’s Hall to drink from a gigantic bowl of cider, ale, and mead flavored with fruits and spices.  

The drink became known as Wassail because, during these Twelfth Night feasts, the Lord made a toast of waes hael, or good health, for all. 

In the following centuries, the term ‘wassailing’ came to mean the act of “blessing, toasting, sharing, and giving thanks during the Yuletide period” (according to historian and author Gabe Cook). In the Victorian period, poor folks would “come a-wassailing,” or go door-to-door singing Christmas carols in exchange for small gifts.  

Family at Yule

Many rural communities in the West Country of England keep the wassailing tradition strong by holding loud and cheerful festivals to wake up the apple orchards from their winter slumber and ensure a bountiful harvest.  

With Teacher Power’s new Immunity Boost Wassail, you can participate in the rich ancient tradition of wassailing without the hassle of brewing homemade cider or singing door to door. Instead, simply heat up a mug of water, add a scoop of Wassail Teacher Power, and find yourself transported to the merry Yuletide celebrations of simpler times. 


(And yes, you read that right. This is Teacher Power you can drink hot! Or cold. The temperature is up to you.) 

Give Yourself the Gift of Health 

In addition to being flat-out delicious and wonderfully festive, Immunity Boost Wassail is also a great way to support your immune system. This is especially important around the holidays since infectious diseases like the flu and the common cold spread more rapidly during the fall and winter.  

Here are a few reasons why respiratory diseases hit hardest during the holidays: 

  1. People gather indoors to escape the cold. 

During the spring and summer, people like to gather outside and enjoy the mild weather. In the winter, however, the weather is harsher and less welcoming, pushing more gatherings indoors and making it easier for infections to spread.  

     2. Cold weather hinders the clearance of nasal mucus. 

 In laymen’s terms, your nose gets stuffed up when it’s cold out. When nasal mucus moves freely, viruses are swallowed and killed by stomach acid. Cold temperatures slow down this process, and viruses can make it through the nasal passage. 

   3.Many viruses thrive in cold and dry conditions. 

 The flu, for instance, can survive much longer at 41 degrees Fahrenheit than it can at 68 or 86 degrees. Low humidity also makes it easier for the flu to spread the air. 

Luckily, Immunity Boost Wassail makes protecting yourself against winter viruses fun and festive. Our Wassail recipe boasts a range of immunity-supporting ingredients, like elderberry, ginger, curcumin, and Vitamins A, D, and B12. 


Immunity Boost Wassail is the Answer to Your Holiday Prayers 


For a long time, I thought there were only two options when it came to holiday beverages. I could either be sensible and stick to water, leaving me grumpy, bored, and in dire need of a caffeine kick. Or I could indulge my holiday cravings with a sugary specialty drink (I’m looking at you, Pumpkin Spice Latte) that would give me a stomachache and an empty wallet. 


But now I know that I can have the best of both worlds, and the worst of none! Believe me when I tell you that Immunity Boost Wassail is the answer you’ve been looking for.  


Our Wassail flavor is the perfect blend of sugar, spice, and everything nice, all at an astonishing zero calories per serving! And with 100mg of caffeine, the invigorating energy of Teacher Power will make you forget that you wanted a cup of coffee.  


Add Immunity Boost Wassail to Your Favorite Holiday Drink Recipe  

  1. Spiked Wassail Cider:  

Add a few scoops of Immunity Boost Wassail to any hot mulled cider recipe for added flavor and a caffeine kick. If you’re feeling particularly festive, you can also add bourbon, rum, or brandy.  

     2. Homemade Wassail Latte 

 Brew a cup of hot coffee and add a scoop of Immunity Boost Wassail. Top with steamed milk and whipped cream for the perfect holiday latte. Between the coffee and the Teacher Power, this drink will be extra-caffeinated, so use decaf coffee if you are sensitive to caffeine. 

Teacher Power 

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Teacher Power Caramel Apple and Wassail

Teacher Power also has a new Immunity Boost Caramel Apple flavor to be enjoyed hot or cold. Discover all the energizing products available on our website or click here to explore our blog. 


 By: Meg ByWater 


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