Be a Positive Teacher

Be a Positive Teacher

Tips on Being A Positive Teacher


    Have a plan. Have a plan B. Have a consistent classroom structure. Set clear expectations. Have a plan for your own professional growth including keeping your work space nice, neat, and a place you want to be in.

      Body Language 

      Treat students with respect in words and body language (never roll your eyes). Put a bounce in your step with an upright posture to convey your enthusiasm for each subject and activity, even if you don’t really like it. 

        Positive Thinking 

        Avoid countdowns to school holidays and end of terms. Avoid negatives in the staff room. Positive vibes will rub off of each other making each day full of happiness for you and your students.  Think of students as teammates not adversaries. Help Students understand their perseverance makes them experts.


          Many students learn through movement. Use songs to learn new material. Have a one-minute dance time and back to work. Yoga balance poses to increase individual focus of students. You work with energetic young people, so join them in positive movement.

            Embrace Teaching 

            Be enthusiastic and teach with passion – students will buy in.  Incorporate humor and fun into learning. Help students take ownership of learning through engaging activities. Share with others outside of the school setting the joy you find in teaching.

              Use Stories

              Everyone loves a good story. A story helps children connect what they are learning to the world around them and helps them retain concept learned.

                Care about the Student

                Come to understand what motivates each student. What challenges they are facing. Be willing to meet them where they are and help them with life skills. 



                  Article by Miss Jae


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