The Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts

The Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts

The Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts 

Teachers change lives. When you find a teacher that encourages you, inspires you, and alters your perspective, simply saying thank you is a powerful motivation for them to keep being awesome and inspiring lives.  

One of the best ways to show gratitude to your teacher is with a gift. 

Good gift-giving is an art. It requires work, a little creativity, and some insight. No gift is one-size-fits-all. But there are tactics to help you figure out how to express your gratitude to that special teacher.  

Whether you need teacher appreciation week gift ideas or just a place to get started, here are some tips for finding the perfect gift for your teacher. 

  1. Handwrite a Card 

In the age of texting, email, and social media, handwritten cards are often left in the dust. Yet there’s something special about receiving a handwritten note. Of all the gifts that I have received, I treasure the cards most.  

 Handwritten Card

Other presents wear out, are used up, or lost. One of the best gifts you can give your teacher is to show them they are accomplishing their goals and life dreams. Tell them how their teaching has impacted you.  

     2. Avoid Generic Gifts 

Nothing screams ‘I had no idea what to get you’ and ‘I put no thought whatsoever into this’ like giving a teacher a candle or a Christmas ornament. Although these may not be bad gifts (depending on your teacher), they should not be the go-to. Most teachers have already received a lifetime supply of candles and Christmas ornaments.  

   3. Get Them Something Useful 

For some reason, we feel the need to make gifts ‘fun’. In reality, nothing would be a better gift than something that makes the teacher’s job easier.  


Does your teacher need more markers? Or a new pencil sharpener? How about some tasty Teacher Power Energy Drinks to get their day started? Whatever the case, give your teacher something that is helpful in the classroom. 

   4.Try a Gift Card 

Do not buy into the concept that gift cards are hated on. The receiver of the gift knows themselves best. With a gift card, you allow teachers the mobility and freedom to choose what they want and what will most benefit them. Teacher Power has gift cards for every occasion, including birthdays, holidays, and more! 

Thank You Gift Card

   5. Focus on What You Have in Common 

The more personal you can make a gift, the more meaningful it will be. If you have something in common with your teacher, capitalize on it!  


My high school AP Biology teacher always drank tea during class. My friend often talked to her about different kinds of tea. At the end of the year, it was logical and thoughtful of my friend to give our teacher a new variety of tea to experience. I’ve even seen students give teachers sheets of paper filled with their favorite quotes from the class!  


  1. Try Something Homemade 

The most valuable resource we have is our time. Time is the only thing we cannot make more of or rewind! This is why homemade gifts are so meaningful. You cannot buy them in a store. And you can individualize them. Use your artistic talents to paint something or bake your teacher a treat (check for food allergies first!).  

     2. Reception is Key 

People normally only think about what to give someone. But presentation matters, too. Make sure that you smile and greet them as you hand them the gift. Tell them why you are giving them a gift. Express gratitude to them for their influence on you.  

    3. Remember Why You’re Giving 

When brainstorming creative teacher appreciation gifts, do not forget why you’re giving gifts. You are giving to celebrate your teacher’s impact! The gift does not need to be complex to achieve this. Do not overlook simple gifts in favor of expensive or flashy ones. 


Unfortunately, we stress a lot about giving gifts. We make it too hard.  

Your teacher loves teaching.  

That’s why they do it. Teachers don’t expect their students to give them gifts. The cliche phrase “it’s the thought that counts” had real meaning here. Although you should give the best gift you can, your teacher will be the most touched by the fact that you were thinking about them.  


Teacher Power Cares 

Good gift-giving is tricky. Well, that is, until you know about Teacher Power. We make giving to the teachers easy! Our sampler pack contains samples of all our Original Energy Drinks (including Black Cherry, Fruit Punch, Raspberry, and Strawberry Lemonade). It’s a great way to help your teacher find their favorite flavor. Or our gift cards are perfect for every occasion. 

Give the gift that powers teachers who empower students! 


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 By: Emeline Haroldsen 


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