Teacher Power Immunity Boost

Teacher Power Immunity Boost Product

Teacher Power Immunity Boost Product 

No one likes to be sick. The coughing. The aching. The hacking. The nose rubbed raw from using tissue after tissue.  

I hate to say with fall here, it is cold and flu season once again. But wait. Is it possible to boost your immune system to fight off viruses before they cause these nasty symptoms? 


How does your body fight off viruses? 

You have an impressive array of white blood cells throughout your body that together form an exhaustive defense network. From natural killer (NK) and T-cells that surround and kill infected cells to B-cells that create antibodies to recognize and immediately kill that virus in the future. 

Viruses can only live and reproduce inside of a host’s cells. Once Infected, cells release small proteins to broadcast the invasion alarm to roaming NK and T-cells. During the destruction of infected cells, T-cells instruct B-cells to make and code antibodies of the virus. 

Antibodies are coded to bind to a specific virus's surface, preventing the virus from entering cells to reproduce. Numerous classes of circulating antibodies protect from infection. For example, class IgA antibodies form in the mucus membranes to protect against respiratory tract infections. 

Cells continually die in the human body. The many different types of white blood cells live from between thirteen to twenty days. To stay healthy, you need a robust immune system that is constantly producing new white blood cells. 


How to Boost Your Immune System? 

First and foremost, your immune system is designed to fight viruses it has already seen. Therefore, the best protection against a virus is allowing your B-cells to make antibodies connected to that virus. That is the purpose of vaccinations. Staying current with your vaccinations is the best immune booster. 

In addition to vaccines, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests eating a nutritious diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, sleep well, exercise, manage your weight, and avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Overconsumption of inflammation generating foods like sugar, too much stress, too little sleep, and/or excess strain interferes with your body’s ability to rejuvenate and support an active, ready-to-fight immune system. 


What is the best immunity product? 

Life happens. And it is busy. If you are concerned about nutrition gaps in your diet due to a hectic schedule (or maybe you can’t stand to eat vegetables). The health benefits of an immune-boosting supplement may support your body’s ability to naturally fighting off and/or reducing the symptoms of the common cold, the flu, or even the latest COVID variant. 

Mother nature watches out for us and provides numerous vitamins, minerals, and herbs to combat various illnesses. If you want to further enhance your body’s ability to fight, look for products with naturally antiviral, antioxidant, antibacterial, and/or anti-inflammatory ingredients. 

 Natural Herbs


Antiviral herbal supplements can help fight viruses in one of three ways. 

  1. Block the virus receptor. With the receptor blocked, the virus cannot enter and/or bind to a healthy cell. 
  2. Lower the number of active virus germs in the body. 
  3. Help fight off a viral infection. 

Supplements and herbs with antiviral properties include vitamin C, curcumin, zinc, oregano, sage, garlic, rosemary, peppermint, echinacea, elderberry, ginger, basil, and possibly vitamin D. 



To destroy invading microbes, some white blood cells produce super oxidized free radicals. Dietary antioxidants are considered absolutely necessary to regulate these reactions, reduce resulting inflammation, and protect the fighting immune cells. 

Teacher Power Antioxidants

Supplements and herbs full of antioxidants include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, copper, curcumin, iron, selenium, zinc, echinacea, elderberry, and ginger. 



Some illnesses are caused by bacteria germs, not viral ones. Antibacterial herbal supplements help fight off bacterial infections in one of two ways: 

  1. Destroy the bacteria’s cell wall. 
  2. Block bacteria from dividing (growing). 

Supplements and herbs with antibacterial properties include vitamin D, clove, curcumin, echinacea, elderberry, garlic, ginger, honey, oregano, and zinc. 



One of the immune system’s fighting responses to invading viruses is encasing it in mucus or inflammation. If the body’s inflammation response gets out of hand, it creates optimal conditions for a secondary bacterial infection. A diet rich in naturally inflammatory fighting foods helps keep secondary infections at bay. 

Supplements and herbs with anti-inflammatory properties include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, black pepper, curcumin, echinacea, elderberry, garlic, green tea, ginger, and zinc. 


Teacher Power Immunity Boost Products 

Teacher Power’s new immunity boost products are designed with plenty of antiviral, antioxidative, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory fighting power. This healthy drink revs up energy levels while supporting the immune system.  

Can your coffee do that? Pump up your energy level? Yes. Provide immune support... That’s a toss-up. Though coffee is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, it may restrict white blood cell division. Given white blood cells need to be replaced every 13-20 days, that’s a problem. 

The energy perk in Teacher Power Immunity Boost comes from added caffeine (100 mg per scoop) and B vitamins that support metabolism. The added vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc, echinacea extract, elderberry extract, ginger powder, and curcumin support the immune system. 

Teacher Power Immunity Boost comes in two great fall/holiday flavors; Caramel Apple and Wassail. They taste great served hot or cold and are so versatile. One small scoop can liven up your favorite holiday drink recipes 

Teacher Power Caramel Apple and Wassail

If you find our mix a little too sweet, mellow it with a splash of apple cider vinegar. Vinegar is naturally antibacterial and improves insulin sensitivity.  

If our mix needs a little sweetness for your taste buds, add a little vitamin C packed orange juice. Since our mix is a powder, your options are endless. 


Discover the power of Teacher Power 

Teacher Power provides sugar-free powdered energy mixes for people on the go. Be more and do more with Teacher Power in your mug. 

Purchase Teacher Power products on our website or on Amazon.com.  


The content of Teacher Power’s website is for information only, not advice or guarantee of outcome. Information is gathered and shared from reputable sources; however, Teacher Power is not responsible for errors or omissions in reporting or explanation. No individuals, including those taking Teacher Power products, should use the information, resources or tools contained within to self-diagnosis or self-treat any health-related condition. Teacher Power gives no assurance or warranty regarding the accuracy, timeliness or applicability of the content. 

 By: Jae O. Haroldsen 


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