With so many of us experiencing fear and frustration, stuck at home, and worried about loved ones, we want to bring a little color to our kids' lives. We hope this art-centered activity gives a little light to you and your students during this hard time.

Sending rainbows of hope to you, your family, and your community

All your students need for this activity is a bowl, access to items in their own house, a pencil or pen, and a piece of paper. That’s it!  

This is the quarantine version of the activity, but if you’re reading this in the quarantine-free future, it’s easily adaptable. You can send the activity home, or have students look for items in the classroom and on the playground.  

All your students have to do for this activity is... 

  1. Draw or print off a rainbow.  
  2. Choose a bowl of any size.
  3. Fill the bowl with colors from the rainbow, until the bowl is full.
  4. Use the items to fill up the rainbow. If they don’t have enough of one color, they can go back and fill the bowl again.
  5. Once the rainbow is complete- have your students send you a photo of the completed work. They can rearrange the items as many times as they would like.
  6. Final step- Put all the items away where they belong. Bonus points if they can prove they cleaned up after themselves 

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Article by Miss Jenna

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