Printable Student Spotlight Template

Printable Student Spotlight Template

Printable Student Spotlight Template 

For most teachers, 2020 distance learning is history! Hooray! Let’s celebrate by getting to better know, serve, and highlight students.  

The quicker you get to know and connect with your students, the more engaged they become in the learning environment and process. By discovering individual students’ likes and dislikes, you bond with them, motivate growth, and increase student creativity. When students share things about themselves, they also build a sense of community to support understanding and growth. 


A Real-Life Example 

My middle school daughter is academically well-balanced though her strengths lean towards math and science. In 7th grade, her favorite subject was science. During that year, she spent a great deal of her homework time working on extra science projects. 

In 8th grade, her favorite subject switched to history. She regaled me with various US history facts and put together google slides to share with her teacher. During her 8th grade year, her science grade dropped to a B.  

At the end of the year, she told me she did not know what subject would be her favorite next year. Why did she not know? Because her favorite subject was tied to the teacher who best connected with her, not to her personal strengths. 


Celebrate Your Students 

Use our free printable student spotlight template to connect with and celebrate your students. You will not only discover things you have in common with an individual student, but the class will begin to find things they have in common with each other. 

With the help of this template, students can create an individual identity and a classroom identity by highlighting things they have in common. This template is the perfect way to gather information for bonding activities like Student of the Week, or a Friday morning Student Spotlight, or allow students an opportunity to showcase each other. 


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By: Jae O. Haroldsen 

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