Printable Notes Template

Printable Notes Template

Printable Notes Template

Some of us like taking notes on our computer (you know who you are!), while some of us prefer old-fashioned, hand-to-paper note-taking. If you're a binder fanatic like so many teachers are, you'll enjoy this printable.

Keeping well-organized notes is essential to stay on top of your style and teaching game. We provide a quick and easy way to keep your to-do lists all in one location. You can keep your school to-do list and your at-home to-do list all in one place with our free printable Notes Template.

  • This template works well to jot down important points from various team and school staff meetings, too. All you have to do is add the bullet points.
  • This note-taking template has plenty of room for doodling during meetings. In a 2009 study, psychologist Jackie Andrade found participants allowed to shade in shapes recalled 29% more details of a boring 2 ½ minute voice mail message than those not shading shapes.
  • Researchers believe there may be more than one reason why doodling generates focus and allows for better detail recall while listening.
    1. It might keep the person alert enough to pay attention during a meeting or lecture they find boring.
    2. Doodling might just release enough of the mental strain to provide the brain break a person needs to keep actively listening.
    3. It could just be an unconscious way to relieve psychological distress.

These printable notes include a space for a topic and date, as well as a section for the actual note-taking. At the top surrounding the title, there are nine different minimal designs to choose from! Or you can print them all and enjoy the variety of adorable, hand-drawn styled designs.

You can download the PDF for free printable notes through the link.

The versatility of this printable is up to you. The three summary sections could be used for your daily to-do list with a section for your personal life, home life, and work life. All it needs is for you to add bullet points.

Complex Cornell Notes Templates

This template is simple. For note-taking during meetings, organizing your teaching plans, and/or your home life.

You most likely no longer need the complex setup of Cornell Note Templates. The Cornell system developed by Walter Pauk a former professor at Cornell University is designed for complex learning and memory recall. Pauk’s system divides the paper into a note-taking section, a column saved for recall of cue words, and a summary section. If you do find yourself in an advanced teaching certificate or other master’s program, there are plenty of free Cornell Note Templates available on the internet.

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