Minimal Calendar Printable

Minimal Calendar Printable

Organize Your Day With our Calendar Templates

Keeping your classroom, schedule, routine, and personal life balanced and organized is challenging. To keep it all together, we've made this back-to-the-basics pdf calendar.  

The Benefits of a Paper Calendar 

As a teacher, organization is a must to keep you and your students on track. Many people have gone to using an online calendar. However, having a schedule printed out on paper is more readily visible and easier to share with your students. Luxafor, a work performance tool company, gives four solid reasons why paper calendars are better than digital ones. 

  1. Paper is less distracting. How many times have you gotten on your phone to check your calendar and you’ve ended up checking a social media site? 
  2. You remember better when you write on paper. The physical act of writing stimulates the brain to increase its focus and attention. 
  3. Writing on paper helps to clarify your thoughts. The process of putting your to-do list, tasks, and time frames on paper helps you connect with what needs to be done and how to best do it. 
  4. Knowing you’ve got it down in black and white helps reduce your stress.  You know what you’ve got to do. You already wrote it down. Physically writing on paper helps you formulate and prioritize where you need to focus. 

Use our Calendars for You and Your Students 

Our blank calendars make it easier for you to stay on top of your schedule and track important tasks and due dates. 

The weekly calendar is ideal for students to use to record assignments, tasks, and/or accomplishments for the week to be shared with parents and caregivers. As a parent, I appreciate having a school calendar filled out by my child. Not only do I know what is due when, but I know they know, too. 

monthly calendar is ideal for students to fill out and visually see when long term assignments are due. It also gives them space to break up a long-term assignment and figure out when they will do each segment of the assignment. Learning how to break big assignments into small segments is an important life skill. 

These blank calendars can also be used by students as mini diaries to record important things they did that day to help them process and see their accomplishments. 


  • This Download Includes
    • A weekly calendar
    • Monthly Calendars for all 12 months

    The calendars don't include the year, so you can customize as needed. It's a blank slate for you to fill!

    We hope this makes your busy life a little easier to manage.

    Minimal Calendar Printable


    Printable by Miss Jenna

    “5 Science Backed Reasons Why Paper Planners are Better than Digital Planners and Calendars.” Luxafor 


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