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Free Desktop Wallpaper

Free Desktop Teacher Wallpaper

As a teacher, you are being watched every moment in the classroom and all too often outside of the classroom, too. Students and parents alike judge the things that are important to you by what you display. From your choice of clothes to the decorations on your desk, you give a piece of you to help them determine what type of teacher you are.

Let Teacher Power help you out with our free downloadable desktop wallpapers perfect for your classroom computer. They give students a sense of your fun style and help brighten your classroom. And on the days, you need it, they can help remind you why teaching is the heart of your life.

Teacher Power has four free downloadable wallpapers for you to choose from. Pick one or rotate through them all. They are sure to be a hit with your students and your fellow teachers.

A cheerful wallpaper!

Maybe you use your desktop to organize files and documents, or maybe you don't use the desktop except on rare occasions. Either way, a desktop wallpaper can give your screen a little personality, inspiration, or calming vibe for you or your classroom. 



Here's a list of the wallpapers available for download in this blog post: 

Our Science themed wallpaper is perfect for the budding scientist. It conveys the excitement and exploration of hands-on science experiments. Use our science-themed wallpaper to let your students know the next big discovery is just around the corner. 

Our Art themed wallpaper is just itching to get creative. Give your students the desire to let their imagination take flight with all the possibilities of scissors, glue, and paints. 

For years, women have worked behind the scenes to bring about the best in humanity, equal rights, exploration, and science. Let your students recognize the many contributions made by women with our Amazing Women wallpaper. Your students will realize they, too, can make a difference in the world with this inspiring wallpaper.  

“Carpe Diem” or Seize the Day” was first used by Roman Poet, Horace, to express his philosophy to enjoy life while it is there to be enjoyed. Take it a step farther, to help your students embrace giving their best effort every day. The future is bright for anyone willing to work, study, and live with no regrets.  


We hope one of our free downloadable wallpaper designs will help tell your students what is important to you while making your classroom a little brighter.  

Download them all Four Downloadable Desktop Wallpapers for Teachers. 


Article by Miss Jae

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