End of Year Survival!

End of Year Survival!

End of the School Year Survival Kit For Teachers

Spring is here. The weather is warm. The sky is blue with dancing, puffy white clouds.

You would much rather be out enjoying this nice spring day, but no... you’re stuck inside a classroom trying to get your students to focus and prepare for standardized testing.

Regardless if you an elementary school teacher facing energetic children or a high school teacher dealing with moody teenagers, end-of-year survival tips shouldn’t be about counting down the number of days left in school. After all, you became a teacher to teach and inspire.

Our teacher end-of-school-year survival tips are designed to help you and your students relax, add some fun, and get the most out of the educational experience. We’ve added tips to lighten your mood, add some fun to your teaching, and refocus student energy.

Teacher Survival Kit

“A very wise old teacher once said: I consider a day teaching wasted if we do not have one hearty laugh.”

- Gilbert Highet, American Writer

This year has been rough for everyone with the virtual, hybrid, and in-person teaching matrix. Tempers are short, and emotions high.

Just last week, my daughter’s AP Psych teacher melted down. AP tests are right around the corner, and he’s stressed out prepping virtual and in-person students at the same time.

If you find yourself in the same situation, step back, breathe, be self-compassionate, and find ways to laugh.

Laugh at yourself

Laughter often is the best medicine. When we laugh with others, we create a bond, a willingness to communicate with and help each other. Do something so ridiculous you can’t help but laugh at yourself.

Try something crazy like:

  • Teach with a stuffed animal toy on top of your head.
  • Go to work with makeup on half of your face. If you have facial hair, go to work with half a mustache.
  • Use a whoopie cushion.
  • Crazy antics will garner your students’ undivided attention. They will be engaged and learning while they wait for your next great trick.

Repower with a Ten Second Break

Use a brief meditation technique to visualize yourself in your happy place. (I know you are thinking about lounging by the pool enjoying an ice-cold, refreshing Teacher Power Energy Drink.) Breathe deeply, your happy place is there for you.

Have a Countdown

Engage your mind in a personal countdown. We are not suggesting a countdown to standardized test time or summer break. But a countdown to your favorite teaching time of the day. Is that music time, story time, a favorite class, a favorite subject?

My favorite part of teaching is talking to my students and hearing about what makes them tick. That leads me to:

Make a Personal Memory Collage

Pay attention throughout the day and write down interesting or funny things your students say or do. Make sure you include children's statements about you.

If you teach younger children, have them draw their favorite part of their school year for you to keep. If you teach older students, have them write out a favorite experience in your class. Include student pictures and have fun making your own personalized teacher gift.

Student Focused School Survival Kit

“A teacher’s job is to take a bunch of live wires and see that they are well-grounded.”

-D. Martin

If you are struggling to stay focused, you can bet your students are, too. After all, they are younger and more energetic. Your teaching style and positive energy can reel them back in and give them the incentive they need to finish the school year with a bang.

Take it Outside

If the day is just too nice to be inside, take your classroom outside.


Break up learning with movement. Some children process best when moving. Reward every fifteen minutes of working while sitting with fifteen seconds of class movement. Do jumping jacks, run in place, stand on one leg, do the twist.

Set a One Minute Party Every Day

Every day assign a different child to be in charge of the one-minute party. Let the child choose the party time and activity. It could be a dance-off, funny face contest, singing, or anything within reason of your classroom rules.

Daily Silly Award

Let the children brainstorm positive awards ideas. Ideas could include Friendly Giant, Bookworm, Most Colorful Dresser, Best Hair Doodads, Math Facts Whiz, Sweetest Smile, Best Glasses. Let the children vote throughout the day, and declare the winner before dismissal.

Let the children come up with ideas to keep it fun and fair so everyone can participate and receive a chance to get the Silly Award.

Whatever you decide to do to lighten up and enjoy the remainder of the school year remember Teacher Power is in your corner. Discover the power of Teacher Power today.


Article by Miss Jae


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