Downloadable Summer Wallpaper

Downloadable Summer Wallpaper

Beach, Sand, and Surf Downloadable Wallpaper

Life is full of moments. Too often, we are in a big hurry to get to the next thing on our list. Instead, we need to recognize once this moment is past, it will only be a memory. Learning to enjoy each moment is part of living a happy, purpose-filled life.

I grew up in the mountains of Utah. My summer vacations were filled with multi-day backpacking trips in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming. I loved the rugged high country with its fresh cool air and fast running streams. And then I moved to the East Coast.

In their own way, the Appalachian Mountains are beautiful, but they didn’t speak to me and relax and rejuvenate my soul as the Rockies did. And then I discovered the beach.

Despite the lack of palm trees on mid-Atlantic beaches, the sound of the waves on the shore, the smell of the salt, and the refreshing breeze bring me the same sense of peace, renewal, and well-being that the Rockies do. There is something about the constant sound of the surf, the play of the wind blowing through the long grass on the sand dunes, and the visibility of life that calms and soothes me.

Unfortunately, I can’t always be at the beach, but visualizing the beach puts me there emotionally. Picturing the beach in my mind’s eye is a happy place for my meditation.

You can always have a piece of the beach with you with our free downloadable wallpaper for phones and desktops.

Free Downloadable Wall Paper

For Phones:

Our downloadable wallpaper for phones features grass on the dunes and contains important reminders to slow down, restore, and rejuvenate.

“It’s my time to rest. I deserve to be happy and healthy.”

“I am the sky. Everything else is just weather.”

For Desktops:

Our downloadable desktop wallpaper helps you feel the pull of the tide with its aerial views of the ocean, surf, and beach. Breathe in, breathe out. Relax those tight muscles in the back of your next and smell the salty tang of the sea.

“Beach (noun): A heavenly place on earth filled with relaxation, rest, and tranquility.”

“Relax, Recharge, and Reflect”
- Izey Victoria Odiase, self-care and personal development advocate.

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