Decorate Your Classroom

Decorate Your Classroom

Printables for a Colorful Classroom

As a teacher, you are always looking for ways to motivate children to engage in the learning process. Changing the decorations in your classroom is a simple way to generate interest and engage children of all ages(I know teachers frequently change their classroom decorations. I recently helped a former middle school teacher downsize all of her collected decorations from a 10’x8’ room to a 6’x5’ room. Whew!)  

Teachers change their decorations based on the season, classroom themesclassroom ideasand even the current events happening in the world. Teachers have everything from desk trinkets to hanging decorations to classroom door decorations to themed bulletin boards.

However, in addition to changing decorations, eye-catching statements are perfect to keep up all year round to help remind students to do their best, be safe, be kind, and be respectful to everyone including you. Instead of having to verbally remind students to settle down and focus, you can simply point to one of these free printable posters available in bright colors. 

Printables for a Colorful Classroom 

This colorful printable is perfect for the rainbow classroom. You have a choice between three different font styles to fit your style! 

We also made a coloring page version, which could be used as an intro to your classroom at the beginning of the year!

Included in the download:

  • 3 Font Options in Rainbow Colors
  • 1 Font Option in Black & White

Print off the coloring page for an introduction to your class, or anytime you want to remind students of your class rules. You can turn it into an activity by letting them color while you review or introduce the rules!

Download the Rainbow Pages

Download the Coloring Page

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Printables by Miss Jenna


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