Cozy Fall Read for the Classroom

Cozy Fall Read for the Classroom

Fall is back-to-school. Hoorah! What could be better than relishing the warm colors and feelings surrounding autumn aesthetics in the classroom? 

Teachers decorate for fall with bright colored leaves, orange pumpkins, red apples, and stalks of corn peaking from every corner and bulletin board. Fall is time to celebrate a bountiful harvest with apple treats, pumpkin carving, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. 

Besides celebrating with decorations and food, there is a wealth of educational prospects contained in fall. Numerous fall-themed children’s books help young children understand the warmth of the season from sharing and friendship to dealing with emotions to why leaves turn colors to how crops are harvested. 


Fall-Themed Kindergarten Books 

These read-aloud books for kindergarten or pre-school-aged children are sure to delight, inform, and provide plenty of discussions. 


Sharing and Friendship 

  • Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper 

Cat, Squirrel, and Duck live in a white cabin in the middle of a pumpkin patch. They have a system to make the most delicious pumpkin soup. But what happens when Duck wants to take Squirrel’s job and stir the soup? 


  • Too Many Pumpkins by Linda White 

One upon a time, when Rebecca Estelle was a little girl, all her family had to eat was pumpkin. Pumpkin, pumpkin, in and day out. As an adult, she vowed she would never eat pumpkins again. What will Rebecca Estelle do when she finds the hated squash growing in her front yard? 


  • Hello Harvest Moon by Ralph Fletcher 

Follow a little girl and her cat as they discover the wonders of a fall night under a bright harvest moon. 


Taking on New Challenges 

  • The Last Leaf by Stef Wade 

One little autumn leaf is afraid to let go and fall to the ground. For all his book smarts, what happens if he falls into the gutter, on a car windshield, or worse? 

This book includes a student progress report detailing the deciduous tree leaf cycle. 


Why Tree Leaves Turn Color and Fall to the Ground 

  • Count Down to Fall by Fran Hawk 

This counting book uses simple rhymes to highlight ten types of tree leaves and their associated fall color. 

For educators: the back of the book includes educational sections on plant parts, leaves shapes, and different types of trees and their uses. 


  • Full of Fall by April Pulley Sayre 

Autumn's splendor is gorgeously displayed in full-color photographs. Simple words move the reader from green leaves to changing colored leaves to the brown leaves of winter. 

For educators: the back of the book explains chlorophyll, carotenoid pigments, anthocyanin, leaf margins, deciduous trees, and fall around the world. 


Fall Means Harvest Time 

  • I Watch Fall Harvest by Mary Lindeen 

This simple book details the fruits, vegetables, grains, and other plants harvested in the fall using plain language and photographs. Many of the photographs show harvest equipment at work. 


  • What Happens in Fall? Harvest in Fall by Mari Schuh 

Photographs and simple words detail fall crops and how they are harvested. It covers harvesting methods and terminology. 


  • A Fall Ball for All by Jamie A. Swenson 

Using rhyming text, Swenson highlights animals from her native Wisconsin, celebrating a windfall ball to prepare for winter. Animals use fall harvest to stash food away for winter or to fatten up for hibernation. 


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 By: Jae O. Haroldsen 

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