Teacher Power Fundraising FAQ


How do I set up a fundraiser?

Go to the “Fundraiser” Tab on Teacher Power. An adult representative of the organization fills out the application to notify Teacher Power of the Fundraiser Request.

Who do I contact at Teacher Power?

For questions or concerns please contact Kenny at kenny@teacherpower.org, subject the email with the name of the fundraiser.

How much do I earn per sale?

Participants earn about 40% of the retail price of the product. The more you sell, the more you earn!


Selling Price





Immunity Boost



Gift Cards



How much do I need to sell?

Every participating member of the fundraiser needs to sell at least 10 Teacher Power Products. (Earning about $100). Selling more products earns more money for the fundraiser!

Who do I sell to?

Anyone that likes energy drinks will enjoy Teacher Power! We’re called Teacher Power because we give back to and support teachers.

How do people pay?

People can pay by cash or check. Participants collect the money and then turn it into the organization representative.[JA2]  The Adult representative will collect all the money and then mail them to:

Teacher Power 151 E 3450 N. Spanish Fork, UT 84660

How do I keep track of the orders?

Spreadsheets are provided so that you can keep track of your orders and money collected. You will be contacted if there is a discrepancy between orders and money collected.

How long do fundraisers run for?

Fundraisers run for a length of 2-3 weeks. After the orders are received by Teacher Power, customers can expect deliveries within 3 weeks. Teacher Power will ship all the orders to the Adult Representative. It is the responsibility of the fundraiser to deliver the orders.

How long until I receive the money?

About 2 weeks after Teacher Power receives the orders and money.

How will I receive the funds?

A check will be sent to the adult representative of the organization, with the total amount of the funds earned. A copy of the orders will also be sent, so that the representative can disperse the proper amount out to the individual participants.


Contact us

Contact: Kenny Haroldsen  

Email: kenny@teacherpower.org

Phone: 385-268-6550