Do you love Teacher Power? Then become a Teacher Power Brand Ambassador! Earn money while sharing something that you love.

How it works  

Fill out the online form to become a brand ambassador. Once approved, instructions will be given on how to set up your ambassador portal. 

Post about Teacher Power on your social media.  

You will get your own personalized code that will give anyone 10% off when they use it on the Teacher Power website.  Get 10% commission of the sale! 


  • 10% Commission when your code is used  
  • Free Product and Merch  
  • Test new products  
  • Showcased on our website and social media platforms 


Expectations of Teacher Power Brand Ambassadors  

  • Have an active Instagram account  
  • Post 1 post or video/reel each month  
  • Post 2 stories of Teacher Power/ month 
  • 1 Post on either Facebook or Twitter/ month   


Ambassador Online Form