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About us:


Teacher Power Story:The original Teacher Power was created for a preschool teacher tired ofcoffee and soda powering her day. We created a line of products motivated byher desire to save money, stay energized, and keep teaching.

Thank you, Miss Cassidy! And thank you to allthe other teachers inspiring children to learn!


Teacher Power Mission:


Jenna isa mom of fifteen- fifteen plant babies that is! She grew up in Utah where inhigh school she was a member of the choir, the school newspaper, and thestay-at-home to read classic novels club of one. She enjoys gardening, writing,and spending time with family. The teachers most memorable in her school careerwere the ones who made her think deeper and apply theory to life whether thesubject was Psychology, Language Arts.


Kenny grew up on a family farm in southeastIdaho where in high school he was a competitive dancer. He is currently workingtowards a degree in English and Public Relations at Utah Valley University. Hehas spent time living in The Micronesian and Northern Mariana Islands in theSouth Pacific. In his free time Kenny enjoys dancing, reading, and writing - thatis, when he’s not watching Netflix, of course. He has had many teachers thatinspired his passion for history and literature. He is the host of the TeacherPower Podcast and enjoys talking and getting to know people.